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Corn is a renewable resource, we need to protect the renewable fuel standard. America needs to be self sufficent and not rely on big oil for our fuel needs. Ethanol production reduces the cost of gasoline and provides jobs. We need to continue to look for more ways to blend more ethanol and discover new technologies for our energy needs. Farmers now more than ever are utilizing conservation practices such as no-till, leaving grass strips and planting cover crops. GPS technology, soil grid sampling, cation ion exchange information all play a part in helping the farmer to know the soil of the land being farmed and what the soil and plants can hold onto and utilize. Today’s farmer does care about the environment and the land. Nutrient management is very important to the farmer. There is misinformation that the farmer is causing the nitrate problems. Nitrates come from leaves and the break down of living organisms, and has anyone thought about the nitrates coming from golf courses and the yards of those in the cities and towns. Green lawns require fertilizer so I want to know if these people are participating in any kind of nitrate reduction strategy. What are they doing to prevent runoff into the watershed. Today only 2% of the population are farmers, and people don’t even realize where food comes from other than the grocery store. They are quick to believe misinformation that the media hands out. Why is the EPA targeting the farmer; we are trying to feed the world, provide energy solutions along protect the environment and the land we farm for future generations. We need to keep the Renewalbe Fuel Standard Strong!

L.M., Maxwell, Iowa

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