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Ethanol makes it possible for less dependence on foreign oil – helps the U.S. economy of the American farmer and daily consumer – No, to plant corn we do not pour concrete and we are not hurting the conservation ground as stated by the Big Oil companies – the ones who are wanting no competition so they can post whatever price they want at the pumps. Our last 11-12 years of cars manufactured do fine on burning ethanol – it is the big oil companies making false statements, probably padding the wallets of supporters in Washington and hoping to gain complete monopolistic control over “their” market. Be sure to note that the process of ethanol also creates feed oil additives which are a bonus in livestock feed production. Please stop the greed of those who just want their wallets to get bigger – in doing so, they will hurt many current and future jobs in our economically-stressed country, not to mention the extra money “taken” out of the wallets of the consumers at the pumps.

C.S., Burlington, Iowa

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November 19, 2013

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